• Eco Friendly 3D Filament

    Suntec PLA is biodegradable, water soluble and erth firendly.Made with US high quality PLA granule. Read More
  • Fuel your creativity

    Suntec 3D pen allow you to create what you can image. Read More
  • Perfect 3D printing!

    Suntec 3D high precision FDM 3D printer kit allow your to have shinning printing result! Read More
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  • 100% Bubble Free
  • 100% Imported Raw Material
  • 0.02 Diameter Tolerance
  • Perfect Filament Layout

Suntec 3D Printer Filament

Your 3D Printer's best Partner!

PLA Filament

Environmentally friendly material

ABS Filament

100% Bubble free

HIPS Filament

Diameter high consistency

Luminescent PLA Filament

Various color selection

All material is imported from US & Taiwan. No recycled material.

Flexiable Filament

PLA material applied for flexiable object priting.

PVA Filament

Water soluble.

Luminescent ABS Filament

Luminescent in dark area.

Conductive ABS Filament

Fuel your engineering desgin.

High size consistency leads to smooth surface and avoid feeding slipping.

Thermochromic PLA Filament


Wood Imitation Filament

PA Filament

PC Filament

Good filament layout avoid jam during winding out.

PETG Filament

POM Filament

Featured 3D Printing Pen, Second Generation

Safe! Quitet! Elegant
Safe, Reliable
Aero safe materail.Suntec nozzle working at only 70-80℃ /158-176 ℉.


Human Engineering
Even teenager can use easily! Only 65 gram!


Variable transmission
Single hand can adjust.


Temperature Adjustable
Applicable for various material.